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Modern Research about Sangre De Grado

Introduction Croton lechleri is a medium-sized tree (10-20 meters or 30-60 feet) native to the Amazonian region of the South American countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It most commonly grows in the northwest lowland Amazonian forest area in disturbed soil and along rivers and streams.1-4 Despite its height, the tree has a narrow trunk of approximately 1 foot (30 cm) in diameter.1 The large leaves are heart-shaped and bright green. The plant’s greenish-white blooms and small 3-part [...]


Sangre De Grado in Woman's World Magazine

Woman’s World Magazine just had a article about the benefits and usage of Sangre De Grado.  I have included a few quotes from the article about Sangre De Grado Healing properties.   “Reduces Redness! ” “It’s effective for any abrasion or eruption, from bug bites and burns to cuts and scrapes,” says Kilham “Put it on a pimple and, chance are, the pimple will be gone.”   This is written from a different article about the usages as a cosmetics a whole new application of [...]