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What is Sangre de Grado?

Sangre de grado is a medium-sized to large tree that grows from 10–20 m high in the upper Amazon region of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Although tall, the trunk is usually less than 30 cm in diameter and is covered by smooth, mottled bark.

Antiviral activity

Extracts of sangre de grado have demonstrated antiviral activity against influenza, parainfluenza, herpes simplex viruses I and II, and hepatitis A and B.

The wound healing action

The wound-healing action of sangre de grado resin was first related to the taspine alkaloid in 1989. Several later studies also concentrated on the wound-healing and antitumorous properties of taspine

Diabetic neuropathy

In addition, several health practitioners in the U.S. indicate benefits in using sangre de grado resin internally for diabetic neuropathy because of its previously documented effects on nerve endings, nerve pain and nerve inflammation