Modern Research about Sangre De Grado

Introduction Croton lechleri is a medium-sized tree (10-20 meters or 30-60 feet) native to the Amazonian region of the South American countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It most commonly grows in the northwest lowland Amazonian forest area in disturbed soil and along rivers and streams.1-4 Despite its height, the tree has a […]

Benefits and Uses of Chanca Piedra

Clinical research that has been carried out on the plant over the years demonstrated antilithic, hypotensive, antihepatotoxic, antiviral, diuretic, antibacterial, analgesic, antimutagenic, antispasmodic, and hypoglycemic activities. Chanca piedra, when used as a natural remedy by infusing the whole plant or just the aerial parts in hot water, was found to help urinary and biliary conditions. […]

Science and Related Studies

Various Scientific Research have been carried out on chanca piedra. A study carried out showed that administration of aqueous extracts of the plant in mice revealed a significant decrease in the level of glucose in the blood. It proved that the plant has hypoglycemic effect in mice that are diabetic and showed no trace of […]